Firearms Transfers

What is a Transfer?

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Firearms can be purchased online and from individuals via the internet by anyone with a credit card, but in order to receive said firearm, you must transfer it via a local Federal Firearms Licensee. This is commonly called a transfer and, because of internet deals, this is often a great way to go for the consumer. This has caused some controversy with local dealers who simply can't compete with online mega dealers, such as Grab-A-Gun, Bud's Gun Store, Primary Arms, etc. The local FFL (gun store) charges a fee for the transfer and, due to the loss of revenue to the online stores, transfer fees have been rising, with some reaching as high as $55 in San Antonio. We believe in the consumer's ability to purchase at great prices and keep our transfer fee low, starting at $15.

Temporay Closure

We will be closed for transfers from Thursday October 15th - Tuesday October 20th.

We will still be accepting shipments, but they will not be available for pick up during these dates.

Please call with any concerns


Transfer Fees

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Our transfer fees start at $15 for current Texas License to Carry or Concealed Carry permits, active duty military, veterans, EMTs, and fire fighters with valid credentials (non-NFA items only). Additional firearm transfers are $10 each during the same transaction.

All other transfers are $25 and $15 per additional firearm (non-NFA items only).

Additionally, you will receive a free transfer for the first item if you spend $50 or more in the store at the time of the transaction. 

What's an NFA?

national firearm act

Someone somewhere thought certain guns needed special laws, so the National Firearm Act (NFA) was born. Some examples of items that are covered by the NFA are short barrel rifles, suppressors, and machine guns. We can not currently transfer these items, but will be able to in the near future. 
These items also have special paperwork and extended wait periods for every item purchased.

What's Next

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Once you have chosen us as your local FFL, please take a moment to FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW so we know you have a firearm on its way to us. Without this, we may not know who the item is for, and shipment may be refused

We will contact you by phone once your item has arrived, been logged, and is ready for transfer. Once you are contacted, you will be able to pick up your firearm during normal businesss hours:

Tuesday-Thursday 11am-7pm 

Friday and Saturday 11am-9pm

The firearm MUST be picked up by the person who purchased it from the seller. 


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In order to transfer, you must follow all State and Federal laws for owning a firearm. This includes a full background check. For more on background checks and purchase requirements, please see our FAQs.


In accordance with the Child Safety Lock Act of 2005, All firearms leaving the store must have a child lock included. If your transfer does not include a lock YOU WILL HAVE TO PURCHASE ONE BEFORE IT CAN LEAVE THE STORE. This generally only applies to used guns. 

Any transfer not picked up within one month will be subject to an additional fee, unless prior arrangements are made. If a transfer is abandoned (not picked up 90 days from arrival) the firearm will be disposed of, with no compensation to the purchaser.

Incoming Transfer

Once you have chosen Transfer Station as your local dealer, please fill out this form so we will know your firearm is on the way!



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