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Silencer Shop link is live!

We now have a direct link for our Silencer Shop online store. If you are a current Silencer Shop customer with fingerprints on file, you will be able to order directly from our link and use the Silencer Shop app to upload a photo and Docusign to start the paperwork. Silencer Shop will bill you for the tax stamp as well, and then you just have to wait.

If you are not a Silencer Shop customer, we will credit you up to $25 to get your fingerprints on file via a Silencer Shop kiosk. Once you are set up with Silencer Shop, any future purchases can easily be completed with your phone using their mobile app.

Prices on the Silencer Shop website are generally set by the industry and are usually the same from dealer to dealer. If you order in-store, we should be able to save you a little more than the listed price. Any quote you receive in-store will be good for 15 days, as long as the item is in stock.

In-store orders will also be eligible for layaway with 50% down due at time of order, plus $205 for the federal tax stamp. You will have 60 days to pay off the item once the paperwork is submitted. If for any reason the suppressor is not paid off in 60 days, the tax stamp will be rejected and the deposit will be lost.

We are also an authorized dealer of Rex Silentium silencers and can special order any of their listed items in store. Please email us for a quote on any of their items. Quotes will be honored for 15 days from day of quote.

We also try to keep several models in stock, though they tend to go fast.

The current wait time for suppressors is 250-275 days from completion of the paperwork, so the longer you wait, the longer the wait!

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