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NFA eForms are live.

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

The ATF has started accepting electronic filing of form 4s for silencers and other NFA items. Previously, all submissions were by paper form and were mailed to the ATF. Who knows how long they sat on someone's desk, but wait time for processing could often reach 10 months or more. The new process should reduce time significantly, and estimates are as little as 60 days.

eForms will require an account with the ATF to complete. To start the process, please visit the ATF eForm site and register for a new account at the bottom of the page. It will require your personal information and require you to create a password and pin. A username is auto-generated for you by the ATF, so make sure to write it down and keep it safe. The password and pin you create will be needed to finish all NFA eForms going forward.

Once you've purchased a silencer, we will need to set up an appointment to certify the eForm together. If you purchased through a corporation or trust, this can be done remotely. If you purchase as an individual, it will need to be done in person at the store.

Visit our Silencer Shop store to see what is available!

For more information, visit Silencer Shop's YouTube playlist.

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