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Granddad's Gun Collection

I worked and lived in California for a large part of my adult life and the best thing that came of that is my relationship with my wife's family. I never had much of a family growing up; I mean to say we were not close. In California, it was initially very off-putting attending family gatherings and holidays with such a large, close family. When I decided to move back to Texas, I knew they would be what I missed most about California.

Fast forward a few years and I find myself owning a tattoo and firearms store, a weird combo that our detractors said would fail in the first few months. We have weathered the storm of Covid and kept a consistent client base despite supply shortages and government-mandated lockdowns. Now, the family I miss so much has entrusted me to help sell the gun collection that has been in a safe since my wife's grandfather passed away about 20 years ago.

I have several antique and collector firearms that I will be posting in the coming weeks. Some will be listed here on Gun Auction, and others will be available in the store. Please keep an eye out for posts on my socials and stop by to see what we have.

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